Thursday, March 7, 2013

Looks like I succeeded in knowing I wouldn't remember to blog! haha obviously call that one. I find it hard to find time to relax other than sleeping at night in the recent months. There is so much on my mind and to accomplish I find myself lost on where to go from here. How do I organize it all and stay sane? I want to move out and truly live in my own place and decide how things run at home, but currently I cant afford it. Maybe instead of buying a new care I'll move out to a new place and break from my parents with my pup to begin my life totally separate from them and truly do things for myself. This will require starting a budget for sure! My mom will totally want to create it for me too. Oh lordy looks like i have more thinking and pondering to do. wish me luck!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Fight

What a new day it is. I'm here for day two! Shocking I know. Today has been inspiring, I work at Fox Chase Cancer Center, in the Volunteer department for their social media. If this was a couple years ago I would have never ever been able to handle this. My cousin, my best friend in the whole world passed away at 18 of non hodgkins lymphoma. I miss him terribly, but I can't even begin to tell you how amazing this place is. I love it. Every day I'm here people remind me how there are some truly special people in this world. Everyone is here because they whole heartedly believe in what is happening every day at this hospital. No one can take the satisfaction in trying to beat cancer. They are all so truly passionate and caring and down to earth.

I send my love to every person struggling with cancer, especially my mom. There is nothing better than a place that could be filled with so much sadness, but are filled with people who smile, love without end and strive for better. The battle never seems over, but that doesn't matter to them because they do not give up.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

So this isn't easy for me. Writing blogs, remembering the last time I posted, what would be worth sharing. Why not everything? I love chocolate and taking the title from Forrest Gump just kind of fit into my life. Its filled with days where hard things fill them, or gooey centers describe easy flowing days.

I'm a student, a woman, a worker and a girlfriend. There are many other aspects to myself but who has time to talk about them all. My dreams seem far away yet they are coming closer every day. My dreams in all aspect of my life both personal and job wise.

The purpose of this blog is to put it out there life may not always be pleasant but there is hope somewhere and talking about it in the open helps. I have a lot to achieve within the next couple of years  so lets start getting it together now.